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How Logo Recognition Boosts ROI in Energy Drinks' Influencer Marketing

Leading energy drink brand maximizes exposure and marketing impact through advanced logo-recognition using customized AI. Accurate measurements, event recognition, and optimized ROI drive growth and dominance in the market.

High quality speech to text in small languages

Scandinavian countries have struggled for a long time with speech-to-text conversion. Nordic Languages aren't well supported by major tech-companies, and the intensive manual task of transcribing TV, Radio and Podcasts is incredibly time-consuming, frustrating and usually has a lot of mistakes.

Read more about how we helped Podimo and Infomedia with custom trained speech-to-text algorithms.

Helping broadcasters to track diversity in content

DiversityCatch is a suite of solutions that helps broadcasters and brands monitor key diversity metrics like age, gender, origin and topics of all the content they produce. Providing real-time, concurrent data to inform your strategy and diversity efforts. It's a forceful driver for change.

Sponsorship analytics for Dansk Håndbold Forbund

Calculating the value of your sponsorship is difficult, but it can be done in a few steps.

Step 1 is to actually measure with precision when you logo is shown on screen.

Step 2 is to evaluate whether that screen time actually means that people are seeing the logo.

Step 3 is to determine if the results actually help your business. We have helped many clients with this exact issue already on a global scale. For an example, check out our cooperation with DHF here.

Monitoring political fairness in general election coverage

A Danish tv-station wanted to know if they were actually giving equal airtime to the different political parties in the coverage of a general election.

Using AI, it was incredibly simple for them to monitor acros their tv-channel and website.

Understand recommendation media with CreatorNation

Customers uses CreatorNation for developing effective, targeted marketing strategies that meet their brand goals for Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

CreatorNation, focusing on recommendation media - the next phase of social media, unlocks key insights into your audience, influential creators, and communities, with custom reporting tailored to your needs

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