AI features to understand media as humans do

Our world-class AI features are trained to see, read, and hear the full picture of visual- and audio media - in order to understand media as humans do. By combining these unique features, MediaCatch is enabling groundbreaking media intelligence solutions with multiple use cases.

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By combining unique AI-based features and applying them to understanding media in any format, MediaCatch is enabling three groundbreaking media intelligence solutions, with multiple use cases.

Media Monitoring with MediaCatch Pulse

Pulse is the only all-in-one media intelligence platform that delivers ‘always on’, real-time coverage across all video, audio and digital text media. It's easy to use, and our advanced AI makes it future proof and cost friendly. With MediaCatch Pulse you never miss a beat.

Sponsorship Analytics

Understand the true value of your sponsorship efforts in the media. Keep a real-time analysis of your logo and brand exposure around the clock, on all the channels and platforms.

Diversity Tracking

Keep an eye on your diversity strategy, across all communication channels. AI features, such as face and voice recognition, to deliver hard data and statistics crucial for driving cultural change.

Looking for customised solutions?

You can leverage our technology in many ways. We often combine our AI and tech to suit specific needs. We deliver everything from custom dash-boards, API access, custom reports to development of new applications.

Stacking micro features into state of the art solutions

What are micro features, you ask? They are little AI-based services that perform specific tasks independently of each other.

Explore how you can combine them to solve your media intelligence needs.

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Jump straight to one of our current products - and know that we are constantly developing new AI-driven products and features. More to come!

Media Monitoring

Track any topic, brand or stakeholder across all Danish media in real-time with MediaCatch Pulse. Optimize communication, save time and enjoy peace of mind.

Sponsorship Analytics

Use AI to track logo and brand mentions across multiple platforms - and optimize your sponsorship investments!

Diversity Tracker

Monitor key diversity metrics like age, gender and ethnicity of contributors and presenters in your content and channels.

In need of a more custom solution? We always love a challenge!

Book a meeting with our Chief Data Scientist, Cæcilie, or one of our other great colleagues. We’ll make sure to find the right AI solution that will super power the needs of your business.