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AI consultancy and in house experts

MediaCatch is a media focused AI consultancy house helping media and brands leverage the power of AI.

Our technology understands content (video, images, text, audio) in the same way as humans do. And can extract data from it to create new insights or solutions.

We are independent of big tech, and use all the relevant AI building blocks available to tailor custom solutions to high demanding organisations.

We have a wide range of in house AI experts that use our own proprietary algorithms and combine them with 3rd party applications when necessary.

We provide full service solutions from end to end or give independent advice when needed.

Our customers range from global soft drink brands to national broadcasters and news agencies.

Micro services

All MediaCatch products are essentially made by combining a number of proprietary AI features - all made to enable AI to understand media like humans do.

You can see which features are used in which of our products by clicking below.

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Logo recognition

The MediaCatch logo recognition feature is not generic, but specifically trained to find any logo across all media channels. It delivers extreme accuracy and detailed data regarding: size, location, duration and prominence of the logo. It can apply to different use cases, from advanced sponsorship analytics, to tracking and quantifying your company's exposure in selected channels.

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Then reach out and one of our skilled consultants will evaluate if your problem is solvable through AI. If yes, we can make sure to find the right AI solution that will super power the needs of your business.