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We pride ourselves on being independent of big tech companies. We develop and use our own recognition technologies and AI systems to understand content and context across all media platforms.

Meet the team

  • Lars Damgaard Nielsen

    CEO & co-founder

    Lars is specialized in strategy and business development. He has a BA in journalism and a masters degree in IT. He is an industry leader and has a background working with social media, digital media and broadcasting data. As a CEO and co-founder of MediaCatch he does everything from strategy and HR to setting up the computer screen for a new employee.

  • Filip Wallberg

    CTO & co-founder

    Filip has been coding the last 25 years. He also has a BA in journalism and has a background in the media industry where he combined new technology, data and content. As a CTO and co-founder of MediaCatch he works across front and backend. He is in charge of our sleek tech stack and knows every corner of it.

  • Cæcilie Bach Kjærulf

    CDO & co-founder

    Cæcilie loves numbers and coding. She has a master’s degree from DTU in digital media technology specialized in data science. Over the last 7 years, she has worked with broadcasters and blue chip companies to help them become data driven, create prediction models and segment analysis and unearth insights using visualization and storytelling. As a CDO and co-founder of MediaCatch, Cæcilies profound skillset works magic with numbers.

  • Anders Glent Buch

    CAIO & co-founder

    Anders has a PhD in AI and computer vision and has spent 7 years as an associate professor at SDU Robotics, doing ground breaking research presented at prestigious conferences and published in acclaimed journals. As a CAIO and co-founder of MediaCatch he is in charge of our AI for both video and audio, and thus claims the coolest title of them all: Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer.

  • Carsten Lakner

    CCO & partner

    Carsten has spent 25 years as an innovator and marketing exec in big media companies like Disney, Warner, MTG and Discovery. As a CCO and partner in MediaCatch, he is in charge of taking all our tech tools and ensuring they help an increasing number of businesses drive change through actionable insights.

  • Frederik Haarslev

    Applied Scientist

    Frederik has a PhD in computer vision. He is an expert in recognition of objects and people in pictures. At MediaCatch he wrangles algorithms and neural networks to contextualize the content with AI.

  • Erik Hermansen

    Frontend Designer

    Erik is a skilled frontend developer, designer and UX specialist. He has spent 8 years as a Creative Director and has a love for infographics. At MediaCatch he mixes numbers and complex data with usability and design - unearthing razor sharp insights.

  • Serdar Tunçkol


    Serdar is a MSc. Eng. in Autonomous Systems with top grades from DTU. At MediaCatch he works in the field of artificial intelligence, including image recognition and speech recognition.

  • Mathias Hammer

    Frontend developer

    Mathias is a bsc. Web developer specialised in frontend development and Vue.js. At MediaCath Mathias has his eyes on all the small details and makes our platform a great user experience.

  • Alexandra Dimou


    Alexandra has a masters degree in Physics but a passion for programming and Python. At MediaCatch she makes sure that data flows flawlessly into our system.

  • Corina Inés Chouciño

    Digital Marketing Manager

... and the investors

  • Keld Reinicke

    Keld is an investor and founder of VEO, Drive Studios and TriBand. He also works as a media advisor for companies like TikTok, Snapchat, Meta, broadcasters and publishers. He is an active board member of MediaCatch.

  • Jørgen Madsen Lindemann

    Jørgen is an investor and board member of several companies. Among them are ASOS, Miinto and Bambuser. He was previously CEO of MTG for 9 years and has served on the boards of ESL, DreamHack, MTG, Zalando and others. He is an active board member of MediaCatch.

  • Henrik Juul

    Henrik has spent 40 years in the commercial and creative industry. As a Creative Director and co-owner of WDP, later People Group. He has started and co-owned several media and culture-related companies, including radio stations and news media. He is an active board member of MediaCatch.

  • Thomas L. Busch

    Thomas is a creative consultant and works globally with some of the biggest brands and campaigns, e.g Carlsberg, Somersby and Tuborg. He has previously established several production companies and had an international career within the film and TV industry. He is an active board member of MediaCatch.

  • Infomedia

    Infomedia is a leading Nordic media intelligence company. Their full-service media monitoring software platform, vast amount of media data, and team of experienced media analysts create overview and insight in a chaotic media landscape for companies and organizations. Locally, regionally, and globally.