Evaluating Influencer Impact on a Leading Automaker's EV Launch Campaign
Client EV Maker Company
Social MediaLogo Recognition

The Challenge

The global EV launch campaign aimed to promote the automaker’s new electric vehicle by leveraging the influence of a prominent social media influencer. The campaign needed to captivate a global audience, enhance brand visibility, and increase engagement across various social media platforms. Despite the ambitious goal, the challenge lay in creating content that resonated well with the target audience while effectively showcasing the vehicle's capabilities. The automaker was interested in insights regarding what content worked, and why, so they could make informed decisions on future campaigns.

The Data

Data collection for this campaign extended over nearly a year, encompassing posts from major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Threads, TikTok, X, and YouTube. Utilising our proprietary AI, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of audio and video content from thousands of profiles and posts. Key metrics identified included impressions, engagement rates, logo visibility, and spoken content within the videos. The analysis concentrated on posts featuring campaign-specific and vehicle-related hashtags, systematically evaluating both brand-owned and influencer accounts.

The Insights

  1. Engagement Trends: Posts on brand-owned accounts had only 11% engagements related to the campaign. In contrast, the influencer's posts had a more significant impact, garnering millions of engagement with 36% from the campaign coming from the influencer.
  2. Content Performance: Posts that included personal narratives or achievements, such as world record attempts, showed higher engagement rates compared to more generic updates. Collaboration with creators boosted engagement significantly.
  3. Brand Visibility: Many campaign posts lacked branding with logos or in spoken words indicating missed opportunities for brand exposure.

The Solution

To address these challenges and optimise future campaigns, the following recommendations were made:

  • Enhance Personal Connection: Emphasize content that includes personal stories and achievements to increase relatability and engagement.
  • Strategic Collaborations: Continue partnering with popular influencers and creators to amplify reach and engagement.
  • Increase Brand Presence: Ensure the brand logo is prominently displayed in all visual content, possibly by placing it on the side of the vehicle.
  • Content Frequency and Authenticity: Follow successful examples by increasing the volume of posts and focusing on authentic, less polished content to enhance audience connection.

By implementing these strategies, future campaigns can achieve higher engagement and better brand visibility, driving the automaker's marketing goals forward.