AI makes the magic happen

All MediaCatch products are essentially made by combining a number of proprietary AI features - all made to enable AI to understand media like humans do.

You can see which features are used in which of our products by clicking below.

Logo recognition

Identifies logos including size, location, duration and prominence data.

API & Data export

Export all your data to work with anywhere you like.

Text recognition

Scans any type of media for words, topics, brand names - whatever you want!

Diversity AI
24/7 Monitoring
Coming soon
Sentiment recognition

Understands the quality and tone of your exposure.

Custom dashboard

Data overview, deep dive and more - at your fingertips.

Face recognition

Search for faces across all media sources.

Object recognition

Identifies objects exposed within a picture or a video.


Transcribes audio-carrying content to make it visually understandable.


Simple PR scoring of exposure - allowing comparison across platforms.

In need of a more custom solution? We always love a challenge!

Book a meeting with our Chief Data Scientist, Cæcilie, or one of our other great colleagues. We’ll make sure to find the right AI solution that will super power the needs of your business.