Whatever you need,
we catch it

Our AI software is based on cutting edge research in video and audio understanding. We continually develop new features and improve our algorithms AND we cover all major AI recognition services.

You can leverage our collection of features in many ways. Combined, the features give realtime value and insight into your media exposure. Individually, we can help you dive deep into a specific need and deliver precise and valuable data to help you make the right decisions.

Logo recognition

We recognize your logo 24/7 on tv, ondemand video, YouTube and pictures on news sites. You get insight on viewers attention time, numbers of exposures, placements on shirts, stadium, fields and much more.

Diversity AI

We help you track the diversity across all communication channels. Our AI uses facial and audio recognition techniques to look for gender, age and race in video, sound and text.

24/7 Monitoring

Our list of sources is expanding rapidly. Currently, we monitor:

15 danish TV channels

14 danish radiostations

Top 200 danish podcasts

600+ websites

Instagram under development

Text recognition

We analyze text on millions of web pages, and look for text on screen in countless hours of video and updates every day - and deliver only the relevant insight.


The overview you always wanted. All the data we gather is presented in a user friendly dashboard. You’ll have options to export you data, and get real time updates based on your keywords.

Facial recognition

Our AI helps you keep track of your spokespersons. With facial recognition we identify people and track where they are, the airtime and their mood 24/7 across all platforms. You cannot look for competitors' faces.

Object recognition

Launching a new product? Use our AI to keep track of it across all the platforms we are tracking and get unique insights about who’s talking about it.

Speech recognition

Our Audio AI helps you keep track of the conversations and brands you wanna follow. Across broadcast, on demand video, radio, podcast and YouTube.


We quantify our tracking, so you’ll have an easy metric to compare media and platforms against each other. Prime time TV exposure rates higher than a mention on your neighbours blog.