Let AI have an eyes and ears on your brand

Use AI powers to look for logo and brand mentions, across multiple channels and platforms. Make data driven decisions to optimise your sponsorship investments.

Social Media
Web Articles
TV News
Radio Coverage
The Match
TV Highlights

Catch Sponsorship in any Format

Keep track of your logo and brand mentions, across broadcast, social and web in video and images - 24/7.

Access Key Sponsorship Metrics

Optimise placements and sales, while analyzing and documenting the performance of the investment.

Make data driven decisions

Take action based on facts, not feelings. Optimize your sponsorship investment with data driven decisions.

Our AI is your eyes and ears

If your brand is on a screen, we see it. If someone talks about your brand in audio, we hear it. Across all channels 24/7:

  • Broadcast
  • Radio
  • Social media
  • Podcast
  • Websites

We also combine logo recognition with facial recognition to track specific athletes.

Placement of sponsorship

Ever wondered if you are buying the right placements? Our AI detects every placement of you logo across a variety of settings. And we do it for you competitors as well, so you can compare the placements.

  • Where on the athlete
  • Where in the stadium - stands, flor, sponserwall etc.
  • Where on a car

We track more than 20 different placements, and help you make the right decision.

Advanced analytics

Our AI takes the insights a step further. Not only do we measure classic kpi's like exposures and duration, but we also look at attention time:

  • How long time do an average viewer look at a logo
  • Which placement gets most attention
  • What are the total attention time from viewers on specific placements

That way we calculate the exact ROI on your sponsorship across all channels, 24/7. Not only the match.

We can integrate directly into your existing business intelligence via our API or deliver custom reports.

Looking for customised solutions?

You can leverage our technology in many ways. We often combine our AI and tech to suit specific needs. We deliver everything from custom dash-boards, API access, custom reports to development of new applications.

  • In the Danish Handball Association, we have a strategic focus on clarifying the value of our sponsors' investments, and MediaCatch can help with that. Sponsorships are becoming increasingly important in the marketing mix of large companies. Partly because it is a way of mutually reinforcing the shared values ​​of sponsor and rights holders - but also because it provides unique creative opportunities for companies whose exposure opportunities are under pressure.

    Henrik M. Jacobsen

    CEO, Danish Handball Association

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