What the f*ck are they saying in the Danish media? Introducing.... fuckometer.dk

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
What the f*ck are they saying in the Danish media? Introducing.... fuckometer.dk

How is the Danish language actually doing? How much is the swearing - and who swears the most in the Danish media?

We at MediaCatch set out to investigate that.

But why?

The honest reason: Because we couldn't help it. And because we can.

We have the world's best speech-to-text engine in Danish, which we use to monitor Danish media in MediaCatch Pulse. And then we thought about what else we could use it for and got ideas to use it to listen to how much the band actually gets in the Danish media.

An analysis that has never been done before on such a large scale.

Follow live on fuckometer.dk

Therefore, today we introduce fuckometer.dk, which listens for profanity in everything that Danish radio and TV stations broadcast. Live, 24 hours a day. And yes, also what they write on the media's websites.

We know its an ugly name for a website - but danes tend to use f-word a lot when they swear.

At fuckometer.dk you can always see which channel and program swears the most, where the last band is and in what context fuck, shit or other less nicer words have been said.

Below we have made a few reductions on 30/3-2022 at 8.

Please note that the rankings may look different when you visit the live page because it is, yes live!

Here they have sweared the most

In the last 7 days, we can see that "fuck" or "fucking", as well as "shut up" are the most popular swear words

The program that has the band the most in the past 7 days is Night Watch from Radio 4 - closely followed by Blå Bælte on the radio channel 24syv.

Generally speaking, the band is mostly on the radio channels. The channels that primarily broadcast music also fare well compared to the talk radios.

On TV, it is DR that tops the list

Remember to check it out live on fuckometer.dk, where there is also numbers from social media and podcasts.

How do we do it?

We have defined a number of swear words in advance, which we search for live in the Danish media stream. Every time a swear word appears, we record the time, program and channel. And let our speech-to-text algorithm write out the context, so you understand why there is the band.

Our speech-to-text algorithm is the best in the world in Danish, but it will still make small mistakes every now and then. Seen in relation to the fact that we listen 24 hours a day, the data set is valid and gives a true picture in relation to the words we are searching for.

You can try it yourself

It's all powered by the technology that also powers our media monitoring platform, MediaCatch Pulse, where you can follow your brand or the topics that interest you live 24/7. You can create a free account right here.

Hey - just one last thing!

We are not out to point fingers at anyone. It is not us who decide how we should speak, or whether it is good or bad, the band becomes a lot or a little. But we love insights, and thought this type of insight hasn't been available before. So why not make it!

In the future, it may be that we do other analyses, on other topics or words - if you have an idea, then throw it finally in our direction.

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