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We are hiring - Python, Linux, Machine Learning engineers
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We are hiring - Python, Linux, Machine Learning engineers

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen

Come work at MediaCatch! We have 4 open positions right now:´

  • Python developer
  • Linux and Python developer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Product owner

MediaCatch is an AI startup that is revolutionizing media monitoring, diversity tracking and sponsorship analytics using state-of-the-art computer vision and artificial intelligence. We apply our proprietary detection technologies across all media platforms and vow to stay fiercely independent of big tech.

We will be interviewing for these positions in late July, early August.

Python developer

We are looking for someone who can build with virtual bricks and get things connected with Python. You will make sure content from external platforms flows flawlessly into our system.

Our expectation is that you are fluent in Python - where and how you have gained your experience is less relevant.

We work and solve tasks together. Our team spirit is strong and we believe that we code best when we also have a good time together. But the job is flexible with the ability to work remotely for shorter or longer periods over time.

You must possess the following competencies:

  • Extensive experience with Python
  • Knowledge of MongoDB
  • Understanding of HTML
  • Understanding of JavaScript

Workplace: Odense or Copenhagen - and remote/from home in periods.

DevOps with Linux and Python skills

Are you able to get Linux to work smoothly, while taming networks and physical machines? Then you are our new Linux and Python developer.

Our expectation is that you are fluent in the command line, and have played with the hardware and programming language Python. Just how and where you gained your experience is less important.

We work and solve tasks together. Our team spirit is strong and we believe that we code best when we also have a good time together. The position is flexible with the possibility of working from home, but the workplace is Odense and it is not possible to work remotely for longer periods.

You must possess the following competencies:

  • Solid experience with command line and command in Linux
  • Experience with physical hardware
  • Experience with Python

Workplace: Odense

Machine learning engineer for audio and video data

We are trying to catch an exceptionally skilled developer that loves to work with deep learning, applied to various types of data, e.g. audio, images and text.

Your job will be to work on different projects related to extracting meaning from audio and video, e.g. speech recognition and object detection, and work with text analysis as well.

You should be skilled in applying machine learning and deep learning to real problems and know your way around shell scripting.

You must possess the following competencies:

  • You love working in Python
  • Are a happy camper when using Pytorch or Tensorflow
  • And the same goes for Huggingface and Pandas
  • If you know OpenCV and/or Pillow, it’s a plus

Workplace: Odense or Copenhagen - and remote/home in periods

Product owner

We are looking for a versatile product owner who doesn't mind wearing a few different caps in the beginning, as we are a startup barely a year old.

Your primary job will be to take responsibility for the backlog and gather the inputs from customer feedback, receive strategic input from senior management and steer developers in the right direction.

We currently have a media monitoring platform as a SaaS product that needs to be further developed and scaled to more territories, while at the same time developing our other verticals into SaaS offerings.

You will influence large parts of the work tasks and the content of your work, as this is a new position in the company.

You must possess the following competencies:

  • You may have worked with scrum or other agile development methods
  • You may have previously worked as a product owner or product manager and are process-oriented.

Workplace: Odense or Copenhagen - and remote/home in periods

Our work culture

At MediaCatch we blend autonomy and flexibility with great ambitions and crazy ideas. We are a 10 month old startup with 11 full time employees situated in both Odense and Copenhagen.

We were born in the midst of a pandemic, so we know you can be productive at home and more creative when we are together in the office. So we try to combine the best of both worlds.

You will have great responsibility and flexibility in your work. We know people are different, and perform best under different circumstances. Therefore you are free to plan, when and where you work from. Just remember, you can't be the office champion of foosball if you're not in the office!

And these great people will become your colleagues.

What we expect from you

We don’t care if you have the right education or 20 years of experience. We care that you have the right talent and abilities to get the job done.

We expect you to be great at what you do and awesome to the people you do it with. In other words - a skilled developer, keen and able to contribute professionally and personally to our journey to the stars.

We’re a small company, so we all take responsibility for our own work, but always in close cooperation with the rest of the team.

Salary expectations

Salary will be according to your qualifications. Since we are a startup, you will become part of a journey where your salary will develop by virtue of our common results. For the right candidate, warrants/options in the company are a definite possibility over time.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We cherish all candidates and are non-plussed by gender, age or cultural background. Please come join us, whoever you are. And whomever you love, like or pray for.

About MediaCatch:

MediaCatch is all about using modern tech tools to create actionable insights that enable not only better business decisions - but more importantly, aid purpose-driven companies worldwide in creating change.

Today it’s easy to find and understand media intelligence in text. Companies search for local and global articles from newspapers, magazines and websites regarding topics that are relevant to them.

MediaCatch is the next gen audio and video media intelligence and research company.

Our proprietary software helps find the video and audio you want to find. In broadcast, radio, podcast, YouTube – and soon social media.

MediaCatch AI software is based on new revolutionary ways of understanding media intelligence gathering. A stepping stone for the next generations of brand perception.

We work with broadcasters, brands and companies to help them make better business decisions based on live media insights.

Contact information

Please send you application to [email protected]

For questions, please contact

CTO Filip Wallberg, [email protected] / +45 24 40 15 22

CAIO Anders Glent Buch, [email protected] / +45 30 25 30 43

CEO Lars Damgaard Nielsen, [email protected] / +45 93 50 75 87

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