Surveyed vs. Actual Data: The Surprising Truth About Young Adults' real use of TikTok

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
Surveyed vs. Actual Data: The Surprising Truth About Young Adults' real use of TikTok

What does the target audience say they do - and what do they actually do on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts? See the numbers below ⬇️

Yesterday, the Media Development 2023 report from DR Analysis was released, providing a wealth of knowledge about Danes' media consumption.

However, the results regarding, for example, young people's use of TikTok are based on surveyed data. And this does not give a completely accurate picture.

With CreatorNation, we at MediaCatch have access to how a target group actually uses the platforms.

For example, if we dive into 20-22-year-olds interested in fashion, we can see that:

🕰️ They say they use the platform 30-40 minutes a day - but data shows they actually use it 65 minutes a day.

📲 They open the app more than 3 times daily.

🎬 They watch more than 200 videos a day.

🇩🇰 Additionally, only 13% of the content they view is in Danish.

🦄 Their feed is tailored precisely to them. Even though they are similar in gender, age, and interest, only 4% of what they see reaches the entire target group.

This is just some of what we can see with CreatorNation.

In addition, we know which formats they spend time on, which brands they care about - and which creators they engage with. And much, much more.

PS. CreatorNationunlocks key insights into your audience, influential creators and communities, with custom reporting, so you can develop effective, targeted marketing strategies that meet your brand goals for Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

PPS. We work closely with TEN-4, who can help you create and execute your strategy.

You can read more about CreatorNation here.

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