New Greenlandic-Danish Translation Tool Revolutionizes Communication Between Denmark and Greenland

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
New Greenlandic-Danish Translation Tool Revolutionizes Communication Between Denmark and Greenland

Starting today, the task of translating text between Greenlandic and Danish becomes much easier.

In a groundbreaking collaboration with Sermitsiaq AG, MediaCatch has developed a Greenlandic-Danish translator that offers unprecedented translation quality between the two languages. It is available at

The development of the algorithm for the translator addresses a significant need in Greenland, where millions of kroner are invested annually in translations between Greenlandic and Danish - and where tech giants do not prioritize small languages.

High Accuracy in the Algorithm: Tech Giants Outpaced

Today it is not possible to translate Greenlandic on Google Translate and the model from MediaCatch outperforms GPT4 by a 100% when translating from greenlandic to danish and 200% better when translating from danish to greenlandic.

By offering a more efficient and cost-saving solution, the translator contributes not only economically, but also to strengthening the bond between the two cultures.

“Custom AI algorithms are an opportunity for many companies that hold gold in the form of training data. We are very proud to be part of a project that makes a real difference for an entire country. This technology is not just a tool, but has the potential to become a bridge-building element that strengthens understanding between the two cultures”, explains co-founder and CEO of MediaCatch, Lars Damgaard Nielsen.

Based on training data from 20 years

MediaCatch has developed the website and, most importantly, the underlying algorithm. It has been possible to create this customized AI model and service because MediaCatch could combine Sermitsiaq AG's unique training data, consisting of their extensive collection of translated articles, with our AI experts' expertise in training customized AI models, explains co-founder and CTO, Anders Glent Buch:

“The development of the algorithm behind has been an exciting task. Technically, it required an innovative approach to handle the linguistic nuances and complexities in both Danish and Greenlandic. The model is built so that it not only translates words but also conveys the correct context and cultural meaning, which is essential for accurate communication between Greenlandic and Danish”.

The translator is available at and access is opened up as customers are onboarded. The first are already on board.

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