Monitoring political fairness in TV 2 Fyn's general election coverage in Denmark

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
Monitoring political fairness in TV 2 Fyn's general election coverage in Denmark

MediaCatch renewed its agreement with TV2 Funen to monitor the coverage of the general elections in Denmark, and to display the results on a public live dashboard.

With this release, TV2 Funen audiences can now access data on how much screen time/mentions Funen's 85 parliamentary candidates, and 14 party leaders, receive across their TV and web channels. Also, the diversity in terms of gender and age of the candidates exposed in the media can be monitored.

“We strive to give politicians and parties a fair distribution. It is clear that the largest parties will get more speaking time than the smaller ones, but everyone must be heard” says Louise Koustrup, Journalistic Web Producer at TV2 Funen.

MediaCatch is using facial recognition programs, all texts, photos and moving images, to deliver TV2 Funen the media coverage in a live dashboard.

“It is exciting that TV2 Funen is now so transparent. It will set a new standard in the media industry, where tradition dictates that data like this be kept internal”, says Lars Damgaard Nielsen, CEO and co-founder of MediaCatch.

This is not the first time MediaCatch partners with TV2 Funen to monitor political election coverage. The last local election coverage on TV2 Funen was also monitored using AI technology, but on that occasion the data wasn’t publicly available.

In that , TV2 Funen wanted to explore and test what they would be able to achieve with the help of this type of media technology. After those learnings, they have chosen to openly present their election coverage data this time.

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