MediaCatch tracks non-spot marketing events for NRK

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
MediaCatch tracks non-spot marketing events for NRK

Broadcasters around the world are increasingly using events, other than spots/trailers, to help build awareness of new content.

Voiceovers, in vision graphics, and other events are being triggered at opportune times by editorial staff, on for example, live events. But this makes it hard for media planners and audience researchers to track and reconcile with their other marketing efforts.

NRK, the Norwegian Public Service broadcaster, contacted MediaCatch to help them figure out a way in which to track these events - and make data easily accessible for their BI-system and researchers.

In just a week, we developed a system that scans any NRKs output channels, for any number of graphics files, that they uploaded to us as part of the delivery routine within their own system.  Over the course of a 10 week trial, our AI surveilled their channel output and delivered, graphic ID, time and duration of every exposure in real time to NRK - for use by researchers and potential integration into their proprietary BI/dashboard solutions.

"We are very pleased to see that the solution worked well. While there is still work to do to ensure that these events are timely triggered, the data provided by MediaCatch has enabled us to evaluate and ensure our efforts are data-driven rather than based on "a hunch", says Asbjørn Aga, responsible for the project at NRK.

The results have been so convincing, that NRK will employ the technology again during the Football World Cup in November and December, to track the efficiency of their non-spot marketing efforts.

While this is a really simple example of what MediaCatch AI can do, it also serves as a reminder that it is not complicated to get started using AI for many business purposes. At MediaCatch we are helping a number of media companies get to grips with utilizing AI to streamline and make more efficient a number of business processes, using features like facial and graphic recognition, gender and age tracking as well as speech-to-text.

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