MediaCatch talks AI with European broadcasters at the EBU Connect 2022 event.

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
MediaCatch talks AI with European broadcasters at the EBU Connect 2022 event.

Hype or Opportunity: How AI will reshape the media industry - and how to ride it, not fight it!

With this thrilling session title, Our Chief Data Officer, Cæcilie Kjærulf, and our Chief Commercial Officer, Carsten Lakner, participated in the ‘EBU Connect 2022´conference in Genéva, organized by European Broadcasting Union (EBU), to talk about AI super powers, and how media companies can get started using AI in many of their business processes.

Drawing on our own experience of delivering audio and video-based AI solutions across both commercial brands and public service media, MediaCatch offered thought-provoking perspectives on what AI will do to the media industry – and how they might exploit the creative business potential offered by this pivotal 4th industrial revolution technology.

The session started by awakening the inner futurists of the audience with some real world examples of how generative AI developments are challenging media companies in terms of production, and the ability of the crowd to increasingly compete not only on originality but also production quality. A good example of this was the AI generated video used to open the presentation - produced using only a text prompt, with the help of another Danish AI-company, Synthesia.

The second half of the presentation focused on how media companies can practically start using AI to innovate existing business processes, while at the same time supporting the development of a more data-driven culture.

While we leave it to the attendees to judge the relevance and quality of the presentation, we are delighted with the positive feedback we have received so far.

If you found this interesting, and you are questioning yourself on:

- Why should you embrace AI and start experimenting today?

- What experiments might look like, with examples from the media industry?

- How to spot areas/processes ripe for AI innovation in your company?

…we have included links to the presentation slides here, so you can peruse them at your own leisure. Alternatively - do get in touch. We love the chance to meet new people! Please note that the presentation is full of video examples that won’t work in the PDF, but only in its original Keynote format (which regrettably will only work on a Mac).

Watch the presentation

Download the PDF

Download the Keynote presentation


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