Free trial of DiversityCatch: Using AI-Powered Tools to Push Boundaries in Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
Free trial of DiversityCatch: Using AI-Powered Tools to Push Boundaries in Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

In the age of digital transformation, the media landscape is evolving rapidly. With change comes a responsibility: to ensure that what we broadcast and consume is diverse and inclusive. To genuinely promote these ideals, we need more than just rhetoric. We need actionable insights, data-driven solutions, and innovative tools.

Enter DiversityCatch.

Try DiversityCatch for free

Firstly, for those who've been curious about our offerings, there's good news. We are offering a complimentary version of DiversityCatch, allowing users a firsthand look at the potential of our AI-powered tool.

By simply uploading a clip from your favorite TV show, you can:

  • Screen Presence: Analyze the gender and age of individuals on screen.
  • Voice Analysis: Understand conversational dynamics - is it male-dominated or balanced?
  • Topic Recognition: Gauge the subjects being discussed and identify misrepresentation.*

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Imagine being able to dissect and understand the nuances of diversity in all the content you put on air 24/7, live or on-demand. That's possible - and that's what we do with leading broadcasters.

Unraveling the full power of DiversityCatch

DiversityCatch isn't just a tool; it's a revolution in content analysis.

It's designed for broadcasters, brands, and anyone vested in shaping the media's narrative. You can read more about the full setup on our website.

Here's why it's pivotal:

Automated Diversity Tracking: Using AI-driven face and voice recognition, DiversityCatch evaluates the gender, age, and origin of all people on screen in any content piece.

Topics Matter Too: A holistic view of diversity doesn't stop at age or gender; it dives deep into the content. Our tools, harnessing the power of Natural Language Processing, scrutinize the topics being discussed. This ensures that representation isn't just superficial—it's content deep.

Comprehensive Dashboards: Real-time metrics, split views, time slot bifurcations, and much more offer a bird's eye view of diversity representation.

Cultural Change with Data: The proverb, "Not everything that matters can be measured" is turned on its head. Now you can measure, see, and prove the shifts towards a more inclusive culture.

Editorial Oversight: Empower editorial teams with program-specific metrics, encouraging competition and growth in diversity measures.

On-Demand Analytics: A plug-and-play system lets you gauge the diversity in all your On Demand content.

Face-Specific Searches: Filter out and focus on specific individuals, ensuring that talent base diversity is genuinely reflected and that hosts can be removed from the data.

Know Your Standing

Don't work in a vacuum. With DiversityCatch, benchmark your progress against other broadcasters, local or global. We proudly offer an unparalleled map of diversity content from European broadcasters, setting the gold standard.


Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords. They're imperative for a balanced, empathetic, and reflective media environment. With tools like DiversityCatch, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible, ensuring that as we move forward, no voice is left behind.

Remember, in the push for diversity, equality and inclusion: If you can't see it, you can't be it!

*Note: Full topic recognition is available only in the paid version.

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