Five Tools for Media Monitoring & Managing Public Relations Efforts

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
Five Tools for Media Monitoring & Managing Public Relations Efforts

As a communications professional, your job is to monitor and manage your organization’s or client's message. To do this, you need the right tools and strategies. Fortunately, there are a number of PR tools available that can make it easier for you to track what’s being said about your organization online, measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, and ultimately manage your public relations efforts more efficiently. Let's take a look at five of the best ones.

Muck Rack – Muck Rack is an all-in-one platform that enables you to discover journalists and influencers who are talking about topics related to your brand. It also allows you to measure the impact of earned media coverage by tracking media mentions across digital channels as well as measuring engagement metrics like reach, impressions, sentiment and more. You can even use Muck Rack to create shareable press kits so that journalists have access to all of the information they need in one place.

Cision – Cision is another great tool for monitoring public relations efforts. With Cision’s Media Database, you can search through thousands of sources—from newspapers and magazines to bloggers and influencers—to find contacts who are relevant to your brand. It also has advanced analytics capabilities so that you can easily measure the success of your campaigns over time.

Sprinklr – Sprinklr is a comprehensive software platform designed specifically for managing social media accounts across multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. With Sprinklr you can engage with customers in real-time, monitor conversations about your brand online, respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries or complaints, measure metrics like reach and engagement rate, create content calendars with posts scheduled in advance and much more.

MediaCatch Pulse – This revolutionary AI-driven media monitoring tool is always listening - 24/7. Whether it's videos or sound content formats in Danish media (TV, Radio, Podcast, Internet, Streaming videos, and coming soon Social Media), this tool will track them all in real-time so you can stay informed with ease. And best of all? Access logo and face recognition opportunities to boot; this handy tool gives pros lightning fast insight (and all at different price points starting from FREE).

It's also worth mentioning Hootsuite Insights here too - Hootsuite Insights provides detailed analytics about how people are engaging with content from any given account across multiple platforms including Twitter, Instagram Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Tumblr Vimeo Reddit WordPress Flickr Mixi Weibo Renren Qzone Baidu Douban Kaixin001 Sohu etc., letting you track trends both globally and locally in real time while helping inform effective PR strategies moving forward.

Using these tools will help keep an eye on what people are saying about your organization online while helping you stay ahead of trends within your industry or market segment so that you can respond accordingly and effectively manage communications both internally and externally.

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