Diversity Tracker: Measure and manage content diversity easily

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
Diversity Tracker: Measure and manage content diversity easily

At MediaCatch we are happy to help media companies use AI to solve a number of business problems. One product we are particularly proud of is the Diversity Tracker, which lets media companies monitor key diversity parameters like age, gender and origin of contributors and presenters in their content. Providing real-time, concurrent data to inform companies diversity efforts, it is a product with a clear purpose and a forceful driver of change.

Why Diversity Tracker and how it works

Diversity is an important priority for most media companies - proven to drive profitability, impact and cultural relevance.

While self-reporting initiatives like for example BBCs 50:50 are a great place to start your diversity effort, they require organizational support without any baseline data, considerable cross-organizational coordination and a complex setup to support data gathering.

The MediaCatch Diversity Tracker uses AI to track the faces and voices of contributors across all content and delivers instant data on your content diversity - as experienced by your audience. And our advanced technology and data visualization makes it easier than ever to put action behind your diversity agenda.

3 key Diversity Tracker advantages:

Automatically track diversity across all audio & visual platforms

Diversity Tracker lets you catch and analyze the basic diversity of your content in both audio & visual formats. Using face, audio and text recognition technology, our proprietary AI algorithm determines the gender, age and ethnicity (caucassian/non-caucassian) of people featured in your content.

Monitor and set targets at channel/program or site level

Our unique dashboard allows you to measure and monitor your diversity concurrently, with a complete live overview of key diversity metrics: split between gender and age, across time slots, by week, split between hosts/contributors and much more.

Progress and support cultural change

An old adage says: "Not everything that matters can be measured.", but finally you can support your drive for cultural change with data! Diversity Tracker provides visual evidence of the progress you are making - and will create excitement and support the cultural change needed to be truly diverse.

Macro dashboard: Instant overview of diversity at channel level

Diversity Tracking is delivered as a dashboard, that showcases all the key metrics you wish to follow. For example:

  • Average % of females on screen (last 24h + over time)
  • Average age of males and females (last 24h + over time)
  • Average % female exposure in primetime

This allows you to concurrently track how your diversity efforts are affecting your output, and dashboards can be customized to support your needs and key focus points.

Editorial dashboard: Key metrics and development at program level

Nothing moves the needle on your diversity efforts, like the editorial teams taking responsibility to act.

Available as soon as the program has aired, the editorial dashboard allows every editor to monitor the diversity of their specific show, breaking it down into the key metrics that matter. Able to visualize the shows progression over time on metrics like % male/female screentime and age, it is the perfect tool for editorial teams to rally around. We've even seen editorial staff compete against each other to drive key diversity metrics up!

How we track diversity

Our proprietary AI algorithm can identify all faces on screen with an accuracy of 99%, and once recognized predicts the persons gender, age and origin (optional).

Accuracy measures:

  • Gender identification: 98%
  • Age identification: +/- 4 years
  • Facial identification: 95%
  • Origin identification: 'caucassian/non-caucassian': 90%

Diversity in audio

You can also identify gender in audio formats using the Diversity Tracking solution.

Our AI algorithm is able to determine a persons gender with 95% accuracy based on their voice alone, making diversity tracking in for example radio, podcasts and other online audio sources possible.

Separate presenters from contributors

Diversity Tracking will let you search for specific faces across all media sources, and identity exposures of key talent, spokespersons or people of interest with +95% accuracy.

We train a bespoke algorithm for your solution. That way you are able to separate out and look specifically at for example the diversity of your talent base and how this is reflected in exposure.

Note: Editorial and journalistic entities such as media companies do not require GDPR consent to search for specific faces.

Download our Diversity Tracker presentation

We've made it easy to start doing something about diversity!

Download our Diversity Tracker presentation and get the background you need to inform your company's conversations around diversity and how you might drive efforts and measure the effects.

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