Case: Unlocking ROI Magic: The Revolutionary Use of Advanced Logo Recognition in Energy Drinks' Brand Placement Among Influencers

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
Case: Unlocking ROI Magic: The Revolutionary Use of Advanced Logo Recognition in Energy Drinks' Brand Placement Among Influencers


In the fast-paced, ever-evolving energy drink market, a leading energy drink brand, looked to maximize the impact of its sponsorship and advertising campaigns by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Utilizing advanced logo-recognition AI and sophisticated analytics algorithms, the brand took a comprehensive approach to understand and measure their brand exposure across thousands of social media accounts from creators, influencers and media they were collaborating with.


The primary goal was to

  • Accurately measure and quantify the exposure of the logo and cans, identify its placements
  • Recognize the events from where videos and photos were taken.
  • Understand the age and gender of those in the content.
  • Understand what they were actually talking about in the videos.

The insights obtained were to be leveraged to calculate the ROI and refine their marketing strategies.

Solution and Methodology

The Energy Drink collaborated with MediaCatch to build an advanced custom logo-recognition software and combined it with age and gender detections and speech-to-text in many languages. The technology was trained on thousands of images and videos to identify the logo and objects in various sizes, angles, lightings, and environments.

Once the logo and object was detected, the software examined the video or image context to determine the event location, using a combination of background details and meta-data. Simultaneously, a separate module analyzed the quality of logo placement based on visibility, size, and position.

Once persons and voices in the content was detected relevant metadata like topics, age and gender was extracted from the content to identify trends, possibilities and possible challenges.

Further, MediaCatch also exploited other meta-data available on social media like likes, shares, comments, reach, and the influencers’ or posters’ follower counts, for a complete understanding of the exposure the brand received.

Integration into Energy Dring's Data Warehouse

A critical part of Energy Drink’s strategy was integrating the data and insights generated by the logo recognition software into their existing data warehouse. They aimed to bring together disparate data sources to have a unified, holistic view of their brand performance across various platforms and initiatives.

Data Integration Strategy

To achieve this, MediaCatch developed a seamless data pipeline that would systematically extract, transform, and load the data generated from the logo-recognition software into Energy Drink’s data warehouse.

The data - which included key parameters like logo placement details, event associations, exposure metrics, and social media meta-data - was transformed into a format compatible with Energy Drink’s existing data warehouse. This ensured that data from different sources could be utilized in conjunction with each other, eliminating data silos and enabling cross-referencing.


The deployment of the logo and object recognition technology presents Energy Drink with an unprecedented level of insight into their logo exposure, placements, topics and people:

  • Logo and Object Exposure Measurement: Energy Drink can track the exposure of their logo across thousands of social media accounts, considering not only direct posts by the company but also posts by influencers, customers, and event attendees. This gives them a more comprehensive understanding of their brand’s reach.
  • Event Recognition: Energy Drink can accurately correlate a video or photo with a specific event, allowing them to measure the exposure and impact of their marketing of influencer efforts per event. It gives them a clear perspective on which influencers or events provide the most exposure and, consequently, the best ROI.
  • Logo Placement Optimization: The data collected regarding logo placements in videos and photos enabled Energy Drink to identify the most effective placements, enhancing their brand visibility and recall.
  • New Business Possibilities: Knowing who was actually on screen while interaction with their brand, they identified a whole new group the where undeserving and not considering in their marketing spend.
  • Brand safety: Understanding what people actually are saying across millions of pieces of content made them aware of brand safety issues and could identify new creators and influencers to work with.
  • ROI Calculation: With precise knowledge about event-associated exposures and logo placements, Energy Drink can accurately calculate their ROI. They can identify which events, influencers, and placement strategies were most beneficial, allowing them to optimize their marketing expenditure.
  • Holistic Business Insight: Having all the data in one place allowed Energy Drink to cross-reference logo recognition data with other business performance metrics. This gave them a comprehensive view of their brand performance, helping them understand the correlations and interactions between different facets of their marketing strategy. And negotiate better deals with creators and rights holders.


By leveraging advanced logo-recognition technology, Energy Drink has successfully revolutionized the way they measure, track, and optimize their brand exposure. The brand is now equipped with a data-driven strategy that allows them to maximize their ROI and stay ahead in the competitive energy drink market. As a result, Energy Drink is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory, fueled by effective event sponsorships and strategic brand placements among influencers.

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