Beyond the Game: Unveiling Gender Representation in Super Bowl 2024 Ads

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
Beyond the Game: Unveiling Gender Representation in Super Bowl 2024 Ads

The Super Bowl, America's premier sporting event, transcends the boundaries of mere athletic competition. It is a cultural phenomenon that captures the nation's collective attention.

Amidst the high-octane gameplay and halftime show spectacle, Super Bowl commercials hold a unique place in the cultural zeitgeist, serving as a barometer for societal trends, consumer behavior, and corporate priorities.

This article delves into the commercials of the Super Bowl 2024 and analyzes 33 ads with the tool from DiversityCatch.

NOTE: This analysis is based solely upon the ad versions mentioned in this article from Different ads will have been on air in different markets.

The overall average results are:

  • Females take up 37 % of screen time on average across all the commercials.
  • And they speak less than their counterparts - 35% of overall the speaking time belongs to females.
  • The ads use young females and older males. The majority of the males are between the ages of 35-44, for females, the majority is between 25-34 years old.
  • 12 ads have more than 50% screen time with females.
  • 21 ads have more than 50% screen time with males.

Super Bowl commercials act as a mirror reflecting prevailing societal norms and values. But do the ads and their representation of gender accurately depict how US society looks, or how brands want the public to perceive them?

That decision rests with the viewers and customers.

Nevertheless, let's examine the data from all the ads and see how they rank against each other.

All the 2024 Super Bowl Ads ranked on DEI

The rank is based on how much time female faces make up of faces on screen in every single ad.


32 - BMW USA | Christopher Walken Stars in an Ad for an Ad: 0 % females

31 - STōK Cold Brew Unleashes Sir Anthony Hopkins Inner Wred Dragon: 0 % females

30 - Monkey Man Elevator: 1% females

29 - That T-Mobile Home Internet Feeling: 2% females

28 - Skechers Big Game Spot: 2% females

27 - Budweiser Old School Delivery: 5% females

26 - The Wait Is Over: 8% females

25 - BetMGM Big Game Commercial: 12% females

24 - Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial: 12% females

23 - Like A Good Neighbaa: 13% females

22 - IF Big Game Spot: 18% females

21 - Dunkin' Popstar ft. Ben Affleck & Charli D'Amelio: 22% females

20 - Rob Gronkowski & FanDuel: 22% females

19 - Superior Beach: 22% females

18 - Pringles: 32% females

17 - Oreo: 33% females

16 - Coors Light Chill Train: 37% females

15 - 40% females

14 - Don't Forget Uber Eats: 44% females

13 - You've Been Summoned: 48% females

12 - Marty & Francesca Make a Website: 50% females

11 - Hello Down There: 51% females

10 - In e.l.f we Trust: 62% females

9 - Mayo Cat: 63% females

8 - Power To The Patients: 63% females

7 - Can't B Broken: 63% females

6 - Starry: 65% females

5 - David And Victoria Uber Eats: 73% females

4 - MTN Dew: 81% females

3 - Dina & Mita: 83% females

2 - The TurboTax Super Bowl File: 100% femals

1 - Nerds Big Game Commercial ft. Addison Rea: 100% female

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