AI will help you push content diversity!

Written by Lars Damgaard Nielsen
AI will help you push content diversity!

For everyone working in the media industry, time is a valuable resource. This is important to acknowledge before and while you push for more diversity in your content. Content is a product of people using their time to produce it - and most people make content on the basis of routines. So when asking people to change their routines in order to make more diverse content - their production time will most likely increase.

This is no reason not to push for content diversity, but it could be a reason to investigate how you can make the push without seeing all parts of production increase their time consumption.

MediaCatch Diversity Tracker is an example of an AI-driven diversity tool, that works on both audio, video and still images. Below is a video example of it at work.

Automated diversity tracking using AI can be a way to support your push in a time efficient way, making content diversity easy, accessible, and actionable. While the AI cannot take care of altering people’s routines, it can handle your content tracking - a vital yet time consuming part of ensuring your content’s level of diversity.

3 reasons to chose an AI-driven diversity tracker to help you monitor your contents diversity:

1. Easy

AI tracking is as easy as tracking gets: You decide which categories - gender, ethnicity and/or age - you want to track and let the diversity tracker from MediaCatch do the work.

2. Accessible

Forget about confusing Excel sheets. With the diversity tracker from MediaCatch, you get all your data in a manageable dashboard that gives you all the insights you need. Your diversity data can be sent to your e-mail or you can access the data whenever and wherever you like using your personal login.

3. Actionable

Your diversity data insights are delivered just after a finished broadcast, meaning you and your team can take immediate action as you evaluate your program and start planning the next one.

Making the change happen from here will take some work as you settle into your new routines. In this process, you will probably need a helping hand. This could for instance be taking an already existing source database focusing on diversity into use. This means you can act on your tracking and improve your source diversity from day one without putting a great effort into finding a whole lot of new sources. If you’re located in Denmark, you can either use Listoteket from PLURALISTERNE or you can use DiverseEksperter (coming soon!). Both databases allow you to search within specific subjects and themes, making it easier for you to find a relevant expert.

The MediaCatch Diversity Tracker

At MediaCatch we have developed Diversity Tracker: AI-driven tracking of gender, ethnicity and age. All categories can be presented in the same dashboard to ensure a quick overview of your content diversity. Keeping on track with these three categories will ensure you are on top of your diversity data - and on track with your audience.

You can download a full presentation of the MediaCatch Diversity Tracker here.

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