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- so you never miss a beat!

MediaCatch Pulse is a 100% AI-driven media monitoring tool. Track and analyze all Danish media in real-time, so you can optimize communication, save time and enjoy peace of mind.

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Trusted by a wide range of customers

Monitor every platform. All day. Every day.

Unlike all other media monitoring solutions that only monitor select platforms, shows and timeslots, Pulse never stops watching, listening and reading every source:

  • Broadcast TV
  • Radio
  • Podcasts
  • Websites/online news
  • Social Media

A fully flexible solution that lets you

Digest the media in a matter of seconds

Instantly act to safeguard reputation

Gain crucial insights on the topics, stakeholders and competitors that matter

Track and measure your communication performance

Especially trusted by these awesome test pilots

  • We are an agenda-setting non-profit think tank, and we rely on being able to cut through the clutter with our futurists scenarios. Pulse helps us track and verify how well our PR is working, follow key subjects relevant to our business and take advantage of relevant topics being discussed across the media. It also allows us to make sure we pay due attention to any brewing shit/love-storm out there.

    Toke Hanghøj

    Head of Communication, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

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Say goodbye to expensive media monitoring!

MediaCatch Pulse uses AI to understand media like humans do, creating a cost efficient, intuitive and easy-to-use media monitoring platform.

The old way

Media intelligence depended on human capacity and subjective analysis – making it expensive and inconsistent.

  • Large and expensive workforce
  • Specific to one or few platforms
  • Long binding contracts
  • Substantial reporting delay
  • Selective reporting of audio & visual media
  • Subjective registration & valuation
  • Complex data delivery

The new way

MediaCatch Pulse is AI-driven media monitoring - making light work of turning all media into consistent and real-time insights.

  • Infinite workforce
  • All media covered on one platform
  • Fully flexible – start/stop as you wish
  • Real-time reporting (30-60sec delay)
  • 24/7 reporting - including video & audio media
  • Consistent registration & valuation
  • Simple web-based solution

Follow stories, brands and stakeholders. In real-time

Use Pulse as a dashboard in your office or a wingman in the midst of a 'shitstorm' (pardon our french!). Because of the unique way Pulse gathers and analyzes content, you can access a live feed of every relevant mention, story and exposure - 24/7.

Understand content and context

If content is king, context is...essential!

Every catch includes the context in which a mention was made - as well as a link directly to the content (if available). That way, you can easily decide what needs your attention and coordinate your next actions with the team.

Get the ultimate overview - in every detail

The Pulse dashboard will help you translate data into insights. Designed for quick and easy understanding of search results and overall performance, you can intuitively dive as deep as you like to find the mentions that matter.

Measure and improve your communication

An age old adage goes: "What gets measured, gets managed". Pulse lets you measure how impactful your communication is, using the CatchScore. A powerful KPI, CatchScore allows you to understand the impact and visibility of your exposure and compare this impact between platforms. And we're adding new KPI measures soon!

Set alerts that give you peace of mind

Efficient communication is all about allocating your effort where it matters most. That's why you can set alerts for any topic, stakeholder or platform you like - and Pulse will let you know when you need to pay attention - freeing you up to go about all your other important business. Cool, eh?

Take advantage of cutting edge AI features like logo and face recognition

Take brand safety and stakeholder management to a whole new level.

Our Premium & Professional plans include the option to use face and logo recognition to track and follow your brands and stakeholders even closer - across all platforms - and find them even when they aren't being specifically mentioned!

It's super easy to get started with Pulse

Select your plan and create an account
Setup searches and topics you want to track
Add any additional team members or stakeholders
Customize your alerts (sent via e-mail or SMS)
Start real-time, AI-powered media monitoring!

Have questions?

Fire away to [email protected].



0 DKK/month

Our free account gets you started in a matter of seconds with all but our most advanced features.

Search all media - all the time. The main limit: you'll have to make do with 2 search strings.


1.495 DKK/month Excl. VAT

Access all the core insights functions you need to run a professional communications department and monitor, measure and justify your communication efforts to clients and C-level stakeholders alike.

It is the tool of choice for many communication professionals.


2.895 DKK/month Excl. VAT

Premium media monitoring taking brand safety to the next level with state-of-the-art logo recognition. Includes ample search strings, users and email recipients to service the typical demands of medium sized companies.



Including both logo and face recognition, this tier typically serves professionals operating in the most demanding communication roles and environments, with instant insight into any and all brand, stakeholder and competitor exposure.

Feature Free Starter Premium Professional
Social media (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube)
365/24/7 Monitoring, TV
365/24/7 Monitoring, Radio
365/24/7 Monitoring, Podcast (Top 270)
365/24/7 Monitoring, Web (Top 950)
Number of Countries 1 1 1 Call for quotation
Number of users 2 4 10 As many as you need
Search strings 2 12 25 As many as you need
Email support
Live chat support
Live notifications / text-messages
Export data via CSV
Logo recognition 1 free (495 DKK per extra logo) 1 free (495 DKK per extra logo)
Facial recognition 295 DKK pr month per face - call for GDPR setup
Export data via API
Phone support + on site support

How people like you use MediaCatch Pulse

  • Communication Managers

    Develop and follow the efficiency of your PR campaigns and monitor ripple effect through various media. Use it to set, follow and refine communication goals and objectives concurrently.

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In need of a more custom solution? We always love a challenge!

Book a meeting with our Chief Data Scientist, Cæcilie, or one of our other great colleagues. We’ll make sure to find the right AI solution that will super power the needs of your business.