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Media monitoring in real time. 24 hours a day.

Get an overview of what is happening in your industry, where and by whom your company is mentioned - and whether the competitors are getting more attention than you are!

Our beta is live right now on the danish 🇩🇰 market.

Easy overview

Media monitoring is your shortcut to keeping track of what is happening across all media relevant to you, your business and your industry.

Level the playing field

Give you and your business a competitive advantage in the fight for growth and profit. All major companies have this knowledge and data. Now you can get it too.

Ahead of the game

With MediaCatch, you get a live feed, daily summary, and notifications whenever something important happens to you, your business or your industry.

For everyone who wants to stay updated and ahead of the game

For you as an individual

With MediaCatch at hand, you will know where and what is being said about your industry - and whether you are part of the conversation. You'll get a quick and clear overview - in your own time.

For small companies

For companies that want to be ahead of the competition. In real time. MediaCatch will give you the full overview across the entire media landscape, so you can know and decide when and where to (re)act.

For enterprises & corporations

Gain insights into the entire media landscape, so you can make optimal and timely decisions across all company functions. And understand which conversations you appear in. Create competitor analysis and keep track of whether you are achieving your corporate communication KPIs.

Our AI listens and reads

Speech recognition

Our Audio AI helps you keep track of the conversations and brands you wanna follow. Across broadcast, on demand video, radio, podcast and YouTube.

Facial recognition

Our AI helps you keep track of your spokespersons. With facial recognition we identify people and track where they are, the airtime and their mood 24/7 across all platforms. You cannot look for competitors' faces.

Text recognition

We analyze text on millions of web pages, and look for text on screen in countless hours of video and updates every day - and deliver only the relevant insight.


The first thing you'll encounter when you log in is your personal overview. You'll be able to see if there is something you need to respond to, and which topics and searches take up the most space.

Live - around the clock

As soon as our AI finds a mention, it appears in your personal live feed. Across all media, around the clock. You can also get notifications by text or email, for mentions of extra importance.

Go deep

Gain historical insight and get wiser on the development over time. What's getting attention? And what's not...! Sort insights across keywords, platforms, media and much more.

We cover more than average

Traditional services only cover selected TV and radio programs. MediaCatch will find all important mentions. All day - across all media.

We cover:

25 of the largest Danish TV channels

15 of the largest radio channels,

Top 200 podcasts

600 web media

Danish YouTube.

Our AI watches, listens and reads everything being broadcast and published. You get the insights!


Choose the subscription that suits you and get started today. (Currently only available in the Danish market!)


DKK 495 /month

For small businesses or individuals who want to:

  • know where they are being mentioned right now
  • get the latest news about their industry
Most popular


DKK 995 /month

For small/medium sized companies, where only few employees need:

  • to know where you are being referred right now on all platforms
  • to follow a limited number of topics and brands
  • to follow the exposure of a limited amount of spokespersons / key people.
  • Notifications, daily overview, analysis and historical data and support.
Feature Starter Professional
365/24/7 Monitoring Yes Yes
Live feed Yes Yes
Dashboard Yes Yes
Live notifications via text messages Yes Yes
Daily overview email Yes Yes
Export of data via CSV Yes
Export of data via api
Searches Unlimited during trial period - 5 thereafter Yes 12 Yes
Individual reports
Facial recognition First one free. Subsequent faces 995 kr. pr face. Yes
Logo recognition
Online support Yes Yes
Live chat support Yes
Live phone support
On site support
User access 1 Yes 3 Yes